Gatineau Vitaliseur de Bronzage Anti-Age


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Formulated with a melanin activating complex that boosts the production of melanin, the skin’s natural colouring pigment for a faster, deeper, longer lasting tan. The hydrating formula kick starts the tanning process before you see the sun. Use for a minimum of 2 weeks before sun exposure to help you achieve your best ever natural tan, with less time spent in the sun. Our high-performance, tan intensifying formula has also been developed with age defying and nourishing ingredients that will help your skin feel smooth, calm and appear more youthful, making it perfect for looking after your skin, all year round.This product does not contain SPF, so please ensure you always use a high factor SPF. It also does not include self-tan. If self-tan is what you are looking for, try our Golden Glow Gradual Tan.


Boosts melanin production to help you get a more even, deeper tan in less time. Combats premature photoaging of the skin, helps improve skin elasticity, protects from environmental damage, moisturises soothes and hydrates.

How to use

Prep your skin for summer and help your tan to last. Apply daily to body and face for at least 2 weeks before sun exposure. Continue use during periods of sun exposure and for 4 weeks afterwards. Always use an SPF. Also ideal for use all year round as your daily body moisturiser for smooth, hydrated, youthful looking skin.